About Art

Art Cathey is a holistic counselor and ancestral matchmaker in the Atlanta area. She is a certified alternative mental health expert with a background in group therapy for black men dealing with depression, schizophrenia, and other emotional disabilities. Being black dealing with depression isn't easy and people don't always find the support they need in their immediate circle of family and friends. As a woman who has overcome her own issues with depression, anxiety and even post-partum she shows others how to triumph in the face of life’s toughest challenges with alternative mental health techniques. 


To say she has an extensive resume would be an understatement. In 2001, she worked at the Judge Baker Children’s Center (Harvard Medical) alongside renowned therapist Brian Jantz working with children with emotional disabilities. Her stint as a radio announcer for NPR and producer for an ABC affiliate, gives her the ability to bring real journalism to cover unorthodox topics and facilitate effective dialogue with the masses. In 2011, she quit her job as a corporate flight attendant for NASCAR to follow her passion of life coaching and matchmaking with her company (former With her background in human behavior analysis, she hit the Atlanta dating scene as an online date profiler which allowed her to provide high quality private singles events for screened professionals 30+. Recently she restarted her company as an ancestral matchmaker- focusing on Africans and African Americans with strong cultural identity to rebuild the black nation one couple at a time. This service is for Men 40+ and Women 33+ (with inner and outer beauty). 

She now focuses her energy into motherhood, working her business from home and empowering the black collective spiritually and financially alongside her husband Ian who is a Capitol Hill Lobbyist, Business Developer and grant writer. Their family owned lobbying firm Manchester Associates LLC helps black owned businesses and startup identify funding resources, grants and legal ways to become economically viable. 

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Clients served: Victims of Sexual Abuse, Men/Women facing depression, anxiety, bi-polar; Singles/Couples; LGBT community; Mothers with post-partum, Breast feeding advocacy; Black women returning to natural beauty.