Why I Returned To Matchmatching


This time around, I'm choosing to focus SOLELY on my people and I'm not apologizing for it...

I was trying to keep quiet but my spirit and the ancestors wouldn't let me. I've gotten fed up with the negative narrative in the media about our people in regards to love and relationships. (Peep game, family). We've been under the spell of an old agenda to tear down our African nation one family at a time.  This is not up for debate. Our people need healing on all levels and I'm seeing my brothers and sisters struggling to connect. I meet dozens of wonderful black men looking for wives and are coming up short. My sisters are drinking the toxic Koolaid too and buying into the propaganda against our men. ALL OF THIS IS SUCH A SHAME. Please throw up the koolaid, ladies. There are amazing men all around you.

When I started (former) Dontdatelosers.com back in 2011, I was different and so was my focus. In 5 years, I've evolved tremendously. As a super sensitive empath, and intuitive, I'm learning to balance and protect my sacred space (mentally, emotionally, spiritually) I'm not doing singles events anymore, and I can't work with toxic people (you know who you are and its very draining). After a hiatus, rehab and getting my own love life and sh*t together, I've been able to cultivate my craft and create a system based in sacred geometry, science and astrology.


We select 10-14 couples per calendar year: (Women 32-39; Men 40+) for our GUIDED COURTSHIP PROGRAM.

❤These are specific men and women that are CLEAR ABOUT THEIR LIFE'S PURPOSE AND BELIEVE IN DESTINY.

These courtships will lead to engagement and marriage. I specialize in attracting creative types, artists, nerds, geeks with social skills, foreigners, business owners/entrepreneurs that are looking to build empires. These are people that will eventually be a part of MY extended soul family. Please trust that I know exactly what I'm doing and I have a great track record in this arena. This is a gift and not a hustle. I hook people up even when I'm not trying and it brings me joy. Matchmaking is an age old practice of building strong communities. Nothing new...