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Art, Soul & Coffee: Divine First Dates

If you're truly ready to have a special union and fulfill your life's purpose, we'd love to meet you for an exploratory session. Art, Soul, and Coffee is a recruitment process of "Ancestral Arranged Match"


These are high quality men 40+ who are financially stable, affluent in their careers and seeking a one of a kind union with a special woman.  We provide holistic counseling and ancestral matchmaking services exclusively for Africans and African Americans with strong cultural identity.

We select between 10-20 people per calendar year: (Women 33+; Men 40+) to work with in a guided courtship that will lead to marriage. These are specific men and women that are CLEAR ABOUT THEIR LIFE'S PURPOSE AND BELIEVE IN FATE. 


We've assembled a counsel of therapists, spiritual teachers and love professionals to assist with the courtship. Everyone in this community will be held accountable for their behavior and will be groomed for marriage (mind, body, spirit, and financially)

Important Topics covered: 1 hour session

  1. Explore your temperament, personality type and more
  2. Compatibility, Core Values , What you're Looking for in a mate
  3. Relationship History
  4. Plan of Action
*Please Note: If selected, all participants must be willing to complete full psychological, emotional, and physical evaluations.

"The kind of person a woman is, her character, her desires, aspirations and dreams, her interpretation of reality, are all reflected in the man she chooses as her complement. When a woman chooses a man, and consistently works with him to remove all doubt as to his power, she is giving birth to a vision of her whole power. Without woman there is no man, biologically, emotionally, intellectually or spiritually. It is in women that men see their reflection and are able to determine if they measure up to what they desire to be. Just as Afrikan women are defined and measured by their grandfathers, fathers and brothers, Afrikan men are defined and measured by their grandmothers, mothers, wives and sisters. This is not a complaint, as some of the more insecure among us would argue. It is a compliment, and a divine one at that. When a woman is doing her work, the man she has selected as her complement, who operates within the traditions of our Ancestors, naturally develops in relation to her defensive, survival and emotional needs. If he is truly her man, he evolves in accordance with how she exercises her power. And he sees no threat to his manhood in creating a fence around her garden as strong and secure as she needs it to be. In fact, if he is indeed a man, he takes great pride in serving the woman who reflects his highest ideal."

~ Baba Mwalimu Baruti