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"Returning to Love" How to Overcome Barriers and Attract your Soulmate

"You Don't have to be perfect to attract your ideal mate"

When I met Ian, I was in no shape to date.  To be honest, my life was kind of "raggedy".  I was in the greatest transitional phase of my life-couch surfing, living with a friend and her 3 kids, fresh out of rehab, and rebuilding my matchmaking firm, Former (Trust me, I've evolved)  I was struggling to piece together my personal and professional life after a severe nervous breakdown after my fiancé' and I split.  Battling anxiety and depression turned me into a social recluse because of the shame.  Here I was a life coach and matchmaker whose life was in complete shambles.  I began going through major spiritual awakenings that led me on a serendipitous journey that changed my life FOREVER. Little did I know, in 9 short months I would attract a brilliant man that would be a true friend, and the purpose mate I had always dreamed of.  We're now raising our beautiful son, Garvey that has filled our life with so much joy...

This is an insightful 45 minute session designed to help you manifest the love you desire in 2017 regardless of your situation.

Finding an amazing partner is not as hard as you think.  You have the power to drastically rewrite your love story.


In this session you’ll discover… 

  • Common mistakes nearly everyone makes in their approach to finding love, and what to do instead

  • The missing ingredient that amplifies your ability manifest real love in your life

  • Painful and damaging core beliefs that can steal away your chances for love

  • How to awaken your intuition to co-create love with the Universe

  • How to shift the patterns of the past to ensure you not only meet “The One” but also develop an extraordinary relationship


This session is for you if:

  • You have never been married or have children (and wish to)

  • You are single/divorced
  • You are 35+ and desire marriage and children NOW
  • You can't seem to find "your type" of dating candidates
  • You are thinking about giving up on love 
  • You have everything in life EXCEPT love

Also explored:

1. Who you are- Your temperament, Personality type, etc

2. Identify your strengths/weaknesses; gifts and talents

3. Compatibility: Potential Matches; What you're Looking for

4. Real steps you should take to start attracting love NOW 


Here are just a couple of the countless messages I’ve received from people who used the tools they discovered in the session:
“I identified my belief that no man would ever be interested in me, and the result of evolving beyond it has been mind blowing! Not only is there someone interested in me, he wants to know about me, and cares about what I say and how I feel.”
Brenda J.
“I identified a limiting belief that I had to subordinate my needs, time, and interests to those of my partner in order to receive his affection and attention. In the true partnership that I now have, my beloved respects and supports my choices, and we easily balance both of our needs and interests, without blame or self-sacrifice!”
Makeda W.